corporate social
responsibility initiatives

Our caring and innovation-driven culture seeks to transform individuals, businesses and communities for the better.

providing positive social value

At the core of our business approach is sustainable development that encapsulates our belief in giving back to the community, taking part in philanthropic causes, and providing positive social value to organizations that serve vulnerable populations in the United States and Africa.

Clinic+ O

In West Africa, 100 million people lack access to primary care services due to inadequate medical infrastructure and a shortage of qualified health workers. Starting in Guinea, Clinic+O is building a technology-enabled future where Guineans and citizens across sub-Saharan Africa will have access to adequate healthcare that they deserve.

The Raining Season (TRS)

The Raining Season is a non profit that strives to provide a hopeful future and seek justice for vulnerable children in Sierra Leone, West Africa.


organizing the first TRS Freetown Gala

To raise awareness, organized in 2018, TRS’ first-ever Gala in Sierra Leone, special guest appearance by artist Emmerson and fund-raised $14,000.00 in less than 30 days to activate more opportunities for local giving.

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