Our Services

our services
We help organizations deliver effective Communications that showcase the impact and inspire action!

We Specialize In Strategic Communications and Storytelling

storytelling as a tool

We are experts in storytelling and humanizing
technical work in emerging markets for
international development organizations.

Design and Implementation

We design and lead innovative outreach programs around the world for international organizations and institutions.

The Opportunity

Ready to take the next step toward impactful communications?

The Challenge

Communicating a clear & compelling story coupled with meaningful data to the broader public is a challenge for many organizations.

Our Solution

We specialize in adding the “human” element to engage audiences on the organizational work of crosscutting sectors and programs in:


Storytelling with Data

Whether the project focus is on global health or climate change, we are skilled in synthesizing, and communicating results in a compelling way through storytelling.


Public engagement

We help organizations develop
engaging outreach programs that increase awareness of organizational impact on a regional and global scale.



Communication Workshops

We lead workshops that deepen the understanding of organizational storytelling and how it can drive more investment and donor funding support.

what people say


Our partners praise our great results, personable service, expert knowledge, and on-time delivery. Here are what just a few of them had to say:


We help organizations globally deliver communications that showcase stories of impact and outreach programs to inspire action.