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I AM Mariama Keïta-Thiero, the Founder & CEO of MK Inc.

We specialize in delivering high-level impact communications, helping organizations in the public and private sector communicate results with their targeted audiences in a compelling way. 

With over a decade of experience consulting with leading bilateral and multinational organizations in the world, our expertise in development communications supports global organizations and their implementing partners’ greatest challenge of effectively showcasing how donor funds are impacting the lives and communities they serve globally.

MK Inc. provides solutions by – designing compelling key messaging for targeted audiences, curating public engagement experiences that incorporate regional and global influencers to inspire action. We all have a story to tell and MK Inc. helps transform the storytelling practices of organizations around the world.

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A global voice of visionary leadership and social impact

Mariama Keïta-Thiero, serves as a keynote speaker, moderator, and expert panelist upon request.

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We help organizations globally deliver communications that showcase stories of impact and outreach programs to inspire action.